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From alt.sex.stories.tg Sun Jun 16 01:39:14 1996 Path: mordred.cc.jyu.fi!news.funet.fi!news.eunet.fi!EU.net!usenet2.news.uk.psi.net!uknet!tank.news.pipex.net!pipex!netcom.net.uk!btnet!news.euro.net!xs4all!basement.replay!not-for-mail From: nobodyREPLAY (Anonymous) sex beeg Newsgroups: alt.sex.stories.tg beeg black Subject: The Ballad of Eden Blake Date: 12 Jun 1996 21:59:07 +0200 Organization: Replay and Company UnLimited Lines: beeg gesetz 184 Sender: replaybasement.replay Message-ID: <4pn7ib$duobasement.replay> NNTP-Posting-Host: basement.replay X-XS4ALL-Date: Wed, 12 Jun 1996 21:59:10 beeq.com beeg .com MET DST anal beeg XComm: Replay may or beeg black may beeg hairy not approve of the content of this posting XComm: Report misuse of this automated service to *** The Ballad of Eden Blake --From the desk beeg 4k of J.D. -- I didn't write this poem (song?), and claim no responsibiity for it. But as a fan of the porn beeg comic heroine "Mantra" (the original, not the junky, kid-oriented "new Mantra") I think it's rather good. Eden Blake was the secret identity of the superheroine Mantra. Before its recent cancellation (along with most of Malibu Comics' titles following a change of ownership), the series MANTRA carried comicdom's only continuing TG heroine. Basically Lukasz was the champion of a mighty wizard who kept reincarnating him for 1500 years, into the body of one male warrior after another. But just before the wizard's capture, he chose to place the soul of his noble knight into the body of a beautiful housewife who, unbeknown to herself, but beeg. com known to the wizard, possessed great magical powers. Lukasz, very reluctantly, assumed the identity of Eden Blake, took responsibility for her young children, and did many brave deeds of sorcery under the name of "Mantra." Unfortunately, shortly before the retirement of the character, Eden inexplicably lost her magic powers and became an ordinary woman. But all is not lost. It beeg com. has been announced that Eden Blake shall make a guest appearance in the upcoming Ultra Force #11 (August?). If anyone beeg porn videos wants to send thanks or comments to beeg milf beeg xxx Malibu Comics, beeg sex video their address is 26707 Agoura Road, Calibasas, CA 92302-1960 EDEN BLAKE by Anon I was Mantra once before, powers too great to ignore; to learn the ways of witchcraft was my goal. If the simple truth be told, all my battles, brave and bold, seemed tame beside the struggle in my soul. When you've lived as long as I you're used to reaching for the sky, and a life forever new remains a joy. Daring what the morrow brings, trying out heroic things, that's been my nature since I was a www.beeg.com boy. How it knocked me for a whirl when I turned into a girl after fifteen hundred happy years a man. To be slain a solider true, and come back the mom of two, was a silly fate I simply couldn't stand. If you own an iron beeg hairy heart it gets softened at the start; your tastes go weak and whimpy, so I've found. One could take it calm and slow, but that's not my beeg.con way, you know. Lukasz never beeg xnxx faced trouble lying down. I became a balky horse; I was snappish, rude, and beegxx beeg x worse. Those kids thought their poor mamma had gone mad. It was all a big mistake; this thing rides you 'till you break, and hurting decent people's for a cad. You may say that I am cursed 'cause this spell can't be reversed, but that which can't be beeg sexxx fixed best leave alone. So beeg videos I settled in beeg poto the life of a busy young housewife, the most atrocious bivouac I have known. Then I studied sorcery while I cooked and cleaned for three, and beeg 18 searched the bargain racks for bee children's size. When it all was beeg porche said and done, I found beeg jepang motherhood beeg free was fun; every day brought some new wonder or surprise. But I'm still an ingenue with a long, long way to go until beegcom I know what's .beeg me and what's pretend. Yet it's good to milf beeg be alive, even free beeg working nine to five, just to earn the family income that we spend. I am learning how to flirt and beeg hindi to wear a microskirt, while I run those little errands for the men. If stilettos be beeg porche beeg xvideos my fate, 'least they make my legs look great, and chic fashion is working gal's best friend. My days are hits and misses, sometimes dodging stolen kisses; beauty brings out all that's bad in girls and guys. At first I used to hate it, then decided it was fated. I'll either lose my senses or get wise. I could almost flip my lid, 'cause there's an ego and an id battling like two ultras in my mind. I thought I'd seen the worst of a life thrown in reverse, but from the very first beeg 18 step I was blind. When the Mantra power goes, for what reason no one knows, bitter fate beeg beeg can cut more cruelly than a knife. Once a super-powered dame, now beeg sex just Eden Blake's my name, I'm forced to lead an ordinary life. Just another pretty face, always swept up in the race of working hard each day to keep ahead. Just an ordinary mom with a sad and wistful calm, who's home each night to put the kids to bed. Will I ever know the joy that is due a girl beegporn or boy? May a lonely human heart give birth a smile? Yet, I've gifts I've never known, like a family and a home -- precious things my soul has yearned for all this while. We'll just have to wait and see what next fate anal beeg will do to me. Will it leave me with a single scrap of pride? But to pity Eden's wrong, for a hero's spirit's free beeg strong and loving fans root beegs for her far and wide. (reprise and fade-out) When you've lived as long as I you're used to beeg tubes reaching for the sky, and a life forever new remains a joy. Daring what the morrow brings, trying out heroic things, that's been my nature since I was. . . (softly) I was a *boy*. . . . I was Mantra here before, powers too great to ignore; to learn the ways of witchcraft was my goal. If the simple truth be porno beeg told, all my battles, brave and bold, seemed tame beside the .beeg struggle in my. . . beeg come (softly) in my *soul*. . . . I could almost flip my lid 'cause beeg sexxn there's an ego and an id battling like two ultras in my mind. I'd thought I'd seen the worst of a life thrown in reverse, but from the very first step I was. . . (softly) I was *blind*. . . . "Eden Blake" Anon Date: Fri, 11 Jun 2004 20:27:00 -0700 (PDT) From: edentulus Subject: Edentate Attractions Edentate Attractions edentulousgay Part One My story beeg moms is true, even if some of the beeg. com names have been changed. The event described happened over thirty years ago so, if inaccuracies have crept in, .beeg please be indulgent. It also contains accounts of sex between consenting adult men. If beeg sex video this offends you, please do not read any further. beeg xvideos The events beegcom I am about to describe happened in 1971 beeg com when I was twenty one. I had left school when I was seventeen and two years later left home as I had been posted by Barclays Bank to its main branch in Nottingham, where I had rented digs. Let be describe myself as I was then. I was short, slightly built and looked younger than my age. In fact many people thought I was still at school probably on account of the way I dressed. I was not very interested in my appearance and dressed for comfort. Typically I wore a blue nylon anorak, grey flannel trousers and sensible, rubber-soled shoes. I am also very short sighted and have worn strong corrective lenses for as long as I can remember. At that time I still wore glasses with the same plastic frames as I had when I was at school. All in all, I had a rather gawky and unimposing appearance. I was also quite shy. From my early teens, I knew that I was gay and had a number of gay relationships. However, since I moved to Nottingham, I had been very much on my own. It was one evening when, after seeing Forest play at the City Ground, I took the bus back to Slab Square to have a drink at Yates' Wine Bar before finding something to eat on my way home. beeg moms Yates' had a large downstairs bar, rather begg like a Wild West saloon, only www.beeg..com larger. Against the walls behind the bar counters were large casks of sherry, port and Madeira, beeg hindi but beer was beeg mom served as well. It beeg.c was not very busy so I settled down standing against the bar in the corner as unobtrusively as I could. I do not know why, may be it was because I was wearing a red and white striped Forest scarf, which gave an obvious opening for a conversation, but I started chatting with the man standing next to me. I suppose beeg hd he started by беег asking me the score. He was older than me. I guessed that he was in his beeh mid thirties. He looked like a college lecturer, wearing an old tweed jacket, www beeg thick turtle neck sweater and corduroy trousers. He also wore glasses beeg come with strong lenses, which probably meant he empathised with my severe beeg indian myopia. He too may have been "Four Eyes", the bespectacled weakling that nobody wanted in their sports team at school. However, he tube beeg was now beeg porche well teen beeg built beeg anal and muscular. In fact, it turned out that Derek was an architect, working for beeg mom the City Council. Somehow, although I normally try to curtail any conversation with a stranger, tube beeg I warmed to Derek immediately. He appeared interested in what I had to say and looked straight at me with his penetrating blue eyes when I spoke. It may have been instinct but I knew he was gay and that he was horny and he must have made the same assessment of me. Our gaydars seemed to be working perfectly that evening. When beeg. he put his hand momentarily on my shoulder, I made no movement to indicate that it was unwelcome. The next time his hand lingered www beeg.com longer, as he stroked my arm and then retreated again. I did not know what he saw in me but I had obviously struck a beeg 4k cord. When I had finished the pint of beer he had bought me, I asked whether he wanted another. He declined and suggested that instead we find something to eat. "Would you like some Chinese?" he asked. beeg. "Yep, that's fine by me", I replied. "There's a good take-away near me", he continued. "I can quite understand www beeg com if you say no but why don't we pick up a meal there and www.beeg eat it at my place." I agreed to this suggestion without hesitation. We then took the bus to New Basford, where he had his flat. On beeg video the way back beeg milf from the take-away, Derek put his arm on my shoulder. It seemed natural that he should do. When we arrived, we entered into a small but elegantly furnished flat in a modern style. It consisted of a galley kitchen, a living cum dining room and a bedroom of it. Derek gestured towards the sofa, so I sat back in it while he went to the kitchen, returning a minute or so later with plates, spoons and forks and two cans of ale, beeg coom which he set out tube beeg on the coffee beeg mp4 table before me where he had already left the food in its polystyrene boxes. I started to eat. In fact I had not realised quite how hungry I was. Derek did the same, neither of us saying very much until we had beeg beeg finished. However, through out the meal Derek periodically put his hand on my thigh. 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Then his mouth enveloped my cock; his gums almost masticating my penis in a soft, enticing way. I had never experienced anything like it before. I twisted and turned with sensual pleasure. beeg video It was a most incredible sensation as my cock was gripped by the rounded, smooth surfaces of his gums, moving backwards and forwards, my cock slipping further beegxx down his throat. "Fuck, I've never had anything as beeh good before", I whispered. Derek continued silently, stimulating the inside of my arse hole with his probing sensitive finger and creating incredible sensations with his tongue and gums. wwwbeeg If only it could have lasted longer. I could not help myself. I simply exploded, shooting load after load of cum into Derek's mouth, which beeg porn videos he managed to swallow while still sucking my porno beeg beegxx cock with his toothless jaws, making it quiver with sensitivity. As I became flaccid, Derek sat up and smiled at beeg sexxn me. His face was quite transformed without his dentures. He looked older because his lips beeg hot were sunken and his chin protruded slightly. His tongue seemed to be able to move more freely as beeg movies he licked the last traces of my cum from beeg xxx his lips. Yet despite his altered look, his beeg mom appearance seemed to be compensated by a wide, guiltless smile and a soft b eeg lisping way of speaking. beeg massage Somehow beeg porn beeg hindi the loss of his teeth had not disfigured him at all. It just seemed natural. After he had returned from the kitchen, having rinsed his dentures to remove the trace of food on the plates, he put his dentures back into his mouth, his face changing back beeg.com again immediately to its familiar look. beeg . Turning to Derek I remarked jokingly "It was worth losing your teeth just for that, thanks". "I know it was worth it", he replied smiling. "Now come on Bryan, take беег your clothes off and come to bed". I followed Derek's instructions and, leaving my clothes in xnxx beeg a heap on the sofa, walked naked into his bedroom. "Come in", he said xxx beeg from inside the bathroom. "Do you want beeg teen a pee?" beeg porn "Not yet, thanks", I replied. As I lay on his bed, he appeared with a glass of water with his dentures steeping inside and a tube wwwbeeg of lube. He had undressed. I could see he was completely erect and as randy as hell. "After your blow job, this is the least you deserve", I said, taking off my glasses and bending my knees up, presenting him with beeg porno my buttocks and a shaved hairless arse hole; my sphincter tight, pink and inviting, I xxxbeeg hoped. Kneeling in front of me, Derek bent over me. I was not sure what he was going to do. beeg Then I www beeg com felt the sensation of his tongue working its way around xxx beeg the outside of my arse hole. I had never been rimmed before. His curving sinuous tongue then tantalised my hole as it worked beeg ass its way in. I just writhed in response to the arousal Derek was beeg xx causing. I was close to having a second www.beeg com orgasm already. He moved forward and started to nibble at beeg hairy my penis and testicles again. Oh fuck, even the memory of it gives me a thrill! As he moved further beeg poto over me, he gently lubed my arse beeg.coom and then widened my hole by putting successively three fingers in it. Then in a swift motion without giving me time instinctively to resist, his seven inch shaft slipped sex beeg in as he started rhythmically to shag me, while massaging my erect penis with his body... Part Two I woke up in bed with Derek. It was quite light so we beeg free had both slept soundly. Sitting up in bed I looked at my watch. It was seven o'clock. Derek had his back to me. He free porn beeg was still asleep. Putting on my glasses, beeeg I could see over him to the bedside table. On it was a tumbler with his dentures soaking in it. Again, I seemed to be captivated by them and Derek's toothlessness. The beeg tube thought of it clearly turned me on because I was becoming erect again. Both my parents wore dentures beeg coom so at home the sight of steeping dentures was not unusual. However, I had free porn beeg never reacted to them as I did www.beeg com to the sight of Derek's. I also thought back to the evening we had beeg xnxx enjoyed together. I had never had sex with an older man. Somehow it seemed to represent a mile stone. It gave me a right of passage; I had beeg black come of age. This would be a bond that I would have with Derek. I knew I would always appreciate it. When Derek woke up, the first thing he did was to put in his dentures before greeting me. Later as we sat in bed sipping our beeg coom mugs of tea, I could resist it no longer. I had to quiz him about his dentures. Derek then told me about his experiences. He had his teeth out when he was twenty one; that was some thirteen years ago. He needed to have three teeth out because they were so decayed and could beeg x not be saved. He could have saved his other teeth but he wanted www.beeg.com them all out before sex beeg they too started to cause trouble. This was like his father who fully supported his decision to seek dentures. He had had all his beeg hot teeth extracted as a young man too. "Teeth are more trouble than they are worth", he used to mom beeg say. Derek also wanted to beeg free be toothless. He explained that he had no beeg.coom regrets about having dentures at all. He could eat most things with is dentures and www beeg they were comfortable to wear. However, the beeg lesbian best part was when your dentures are out of your mouth. As he said this, he pulled first his upper then his lower denture out beeg tubes of his mouth and put them in my hands. I beeg.coom was mesmerised by them. They beeg/ were warm and damp. They were lighter but larger and bulkier than I had imagined. "They turn you on, don't they", he said and curling his fingers around my erect shaft, already beeg xnxx leaking precum, he starting to masturbate me. "Feel this", he said. Taking back one of the plates he had given me and putting it on the pillow beside him, he guided beeg mature my hand so that I could run my fingers along his toothless gums. "I like the feel of my beeg gums", he said. "They are so sensitive. I like curling my lips around them. I also enjoy feeling them with my tongue which has www beeg.com so much more room to move." "I never thought that toothlessness was such a turn on. I just thought it was an inevitable part of getting beeg.com old", I replied." "Try https //beeg.com this", he said as he leaned over to kiss me. His mouth was wide open. At first his tongue resisted the entry of mine. Then it gave way, allowing my tongue xxx beeg to explore his gums and palate. It was my first toothless kiss. It beeg videos was incredible. I could not control myself. The exploration of his gums wwwbeeg with my tongue and Derek's gentle fondling of my penis caused another orgasm. My beeg.c cum just pumped out uncontrollably, the creamy ribbons of my xnxx beeg spunk to be eagerly lapped up later xxxbeeg by Derek. It was also evident beeg 4k beeg tube that Derek enjoyed it as much. His dick was a hard as a rock too. It was starting to dawn on беег me then that I wanted my teeth out and beeg porno I would not be satisfied until this had happened. indian beeg I could see now that Derek had decided beeg vids that the physical pleasures of wearing dentures and being toothlessness were well worth the social sigma associated with having dentures at a young age. "I beeg sex would really like my teeth out too", I said not thinking what that would actually entail. "Are you really sure Bryan? It's a big step; there's no going back", he replied. "It's much more difficult now than it was in the late `50's. Then dentists were eager to pull out all your teeth at the first suggestion. I haven't beegs been to the dentist since I had my present dentures made several years ago. In fact my dentures need a reline or replacement as they are getting quite loose. If he is still there, I will ask whether the dentist would bee pull beeg jepang yours." "Yeh, that's a great idea", I said, no believing for a moment that anything would come of this suggestion. beeg poto Part Three Every so often I porn beeg used to met Derek and stay over beeg vids at his flat. Each time my stay reinforced my desire to have my teen beeg teeth extracted https //beeg.com so that I could join him in a world of beeg.con new sensations. Before making love the first thing I did was to take out Derek's dentures. The feel of them as I pulled each denture passed his soft, yielding lips aroused me. Before placing them aside, I always free beeg examined them closely. The sight of them made me feel as randy as hell. It heightened the pleasures to come. As I got to know Derek better, I also observed more closely how dentures really worked in his mouth and how site beeg.com beeg Derek had adapted to them. His mouth and lips moved www.beeg..com a little differently, which kept his dentures in place, except beeg com that there were times when his lower denture looked as if it was floating in his mouth and sometimes rose upwards when he spoke. He cut up his food in smaller portions and there were certain foods that beeg com. he avoided like crusty bread and nuts. When he bit with his teeth he bit with the side and not the front teeth. He did not so much as bite his food but rather ground it down with a circular movement of his jaws. After each beag.com meal he b eeg would rinse his dentures as he said food worked its way under them which was uncomfortable. In the www.beeg..com evenings and at night he usually took his dentures out to rest his gums or so he said. Sometimes, consciously or unconsciously, he would loosen his dentures with his tongue and move them about in his mouth. He hd beeg clearly liked the physical sensation of dentures in his mouth. beeg mature He also ran his tongue under his lower denture when food became lodged beeg mature under it. He had no embarrassment whatsoever about beeg x indian beeg his dentures and made no effort to conceal from his friends the fact free porn beeg that he wore them. For all these little changes, life without your own teeth did not seem such a handicap. When I was not with Derek, I used to beeg 18 fantasise about having no teeth and what full dentures would feel like. I also started to recognise very quickly those around me who wore dentures. There were many more of them than I would have previously thought. Often they were in their beeg-com twenties or thirties. "So may be it is not such beeg ass a big deal after all", I said to myself. beeg mp4 One day beeg..com when beeg massage I was staying with Derek, he asked me "Do you want to see the dentist who pulled my teeth? I went to have my dentures fixed. He's beeg xvideos still there". "Of course", mom beeg I answered. "I can't remember when I last went to a dentist; certainly not since I was thirteen or fourteen years old. My teeth are already quite a mess, maybe they are already beyond saving. I've never looked after them properly. Anyway I hate dentists." "They are probably in the same poor state as mine were at your age", said Derek. "I thought you would beeg mp4 want to see the dentist. I told him we would come to see him at 5:00 p.m. on Wednesday, after work. We can meet up beforehand" "Do you think that he will pull my teeth?" I asked. Yes, if you want it. I have already discussed beeg.com it beeq.com with him", he beeg indian continued. I could hardly believe it. What was just a fantasy was becoming real. Did I really want this to happen? Now I was not so sure. "Anyway I can always change porno beeg my mind. I haven't committed to anything", I beeg movies thought. During the days that followed, I became more ambivalent about losing beeg videos my teeth; at times I wanted it badly and as often I feared I was about to make a terrible mistake which I might live to regret for the rest of my life. I beegxxx had fitful nights beeg milf worrying about it. "I must be mad", I thought. Then beegxxx again I would say "Fuck, Derek's gums are so fantastic. He obviously teen beeg enjoys life with no teeth". Part Four On the Wednesday evening, we met outside the bank and took the bus to the dentist's surgery. It was beag.com in quite a run down part of the city and did not look out of place. beeg/ Everything had seen better days, even the dentist who seemed to be in his sixties. "So beeg tube you are the lad that wants his teeth out", said the dentist as he greeted us in an www.beeg otherwise empty waiting room. beeg . "Come in Mr. Harrison", he said, signalling that Derek should wait porn beeg outside. He then sat me down in the operating chair and started to examine my teeth. After probing my teeth for several minutes, he said "You should beeg hot look site beeg.com beeg after your teeth better. Several of your teeth are already severely decayed and if they are not treated now they will soon be lost. If you go on like this you will eventually lose the lot. Is that really what you really want? Do you know what you are beeg anal letting yourself in for?" He bee had become beeg.com/ quite stern. "I know it is just a question of time before I milf beeg get dentures. If I am going to lose my teeth anyway, they might as well be taken out